Stefan's Bakery

Homemade - Gluten free

All our cakes are Homemade and Gluten free .
We can provide vegan free options

Welcome to Stefan’s Bakery! 

Gluten-free food is really expensive and especially cakes. My husband developed a gluten intolerance 4 years ago. We started to change our eating habits and changed our meals to gluten free. He complained that he would love to have a gluten free cake but they are so expensive. So I started to bake cakes for him and I found out I am not so bad. It takes a moment to get used to as to bake gluten free is slightly different.

Our neighbours are my Guinea Pigs and they love it. The best feedback is from your neighbours as it honest and truthfully.

If you are celebrating a Christening, engagement, birthday, anniversary, Baby-shower, Wedding, hosting your own afternoon tea, or maybe you would like to buy a special gift for that special someone; we have a delightful selection of cupcakes and other treats.

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Stefan’s Bakery - Homemade and Gluten free